THAILAND in Two Weeks


I recently went on an amazing 2 week holiday to Thailand where I travelled around 7 different islands/ places.

I got so many questions about it via my Snapchat (@funkyoufash) so it was just fitting to do a little post on it including my route, recommendations and experience.

So here we go, here it is all for you in one place.

Firstly my R O U T E – I know that’s why you’re really over here… (caught you) but if you do fancy a little further info i.e. who I pre-booked my flights with, hotels I stayed at, where to visit and where not to, then do have a wee read on.




Phuket – 2 nights
Phuket – Phi Phi via Ferry
Phi Phi – 2 nights
Phi Phi – Krabi via Ferry
Krabi – 3 nights
Krabi – Koh Samui via internal flight
Koh Samui – 3 nights
Koh Samui – Koh Phangan via ferry
Koh Phangan – 1 night (stay on or close too haad rin beach for FMP)
Koh Phangan- Koh Tao via Kerry
Koh Tao – 1 night
Koh Tao – Koh Samui via Ferry
Koh Samui – 1 night
Koh Samui – Bangkok via internal flight
Bangkok – 1 night




We had a tight time frame and wanted to cover as much as we possibly could and see in 2 weeks, so we flew basically straight from our origin to our first island, Phuket.
It was a long ass twenty something hours travelling but it was so worth it. Its great idea to get the biggest part of your journey over early on.

We booked our flights through STA Travel, reason being they give you a discount if you’re a student, under 31 years old and if you’re a teacher.

We then pre-booked all our internal flights simply through sky scanner, which cost between £30-40 per person and were super handy, especially if you’re pressured for time. We used Phuket (Patong) airport and Krabi.

Accommodation wise, we also decided to pre-book this. One reason being the time of year we were going (Christmas) and two, we soon found out as we started docking into islands.

Pre-booking your accommodation meant in some cases your hotel was ready and waiting for you at your next destination. Usually standing at the end of the dock with the hotel name on a board.
I would recommended anyone to pre-book accommodation, just for an easy life if nothing else.
Super handy cause you then don’t have to look for a taxi and delightful to know that you don’t have to carry that damn backpack any further.

T I P: DO NOT take a back pack. You don’t need it, its a waste of time and effort, invest in a four wheeler suitcase.



Island hopping wise, there was only one island I truly would not spend any more than one night on and that was Krabi.
I should of knew better from my first visit to Thailand.
Use this island as your destination to get closer to the likes of Koh Tao, Samui and Phangan.
If you do have time please, please go to Raily Island. I never got to go this time round but it honestly is theee most beautiful little island, and it only takes like 20-30mins on a taxi boat to get to it from Krabi.
However you will need to book accommodation for it as it is so small, but it is a must see.

Getting from island to island could not be easier. You either fly via internal flights as I mentioned before or go by ferry.

Nearly every island you visit has loads of tourist information desks, with a list of island destinations. You literally just say where you want to go, they give you a price (never take the first price, get good at haggling) and a time a bus will collect you from your hotel, on the date of your departure.

On this note do not freak out, sometimes you will be about 10-20 mins away from your dock, or you could be a lot longer but to be fair they will always drop you off at the right place.
I did panic a few times thinking where is your man up front taking us.

Ferry wise head to the top deck. Not only will you catch more rays, you don’t feel as sea sick I thought. Although do have a wee jumper out with you cause she gets windy up there.



Thailand is a really beautiful place and very, very easy to get around.

The islands are so beautiful, but it is and has got very commercialised and I’ve no doubt this will continue, but y’know, why not? I think everyone has to go and experience it.
You can find wee street markets and stalls on pretty much every island and they go on till all hours of the night. Like I mentioned earlier, haggle- you can get up to at least 30% off their asking price.

Street food wise, be careful our tummies aren’t use to the way the thai cook and leave their food, although its an experience! Just be ready for whats to come next, as me and the boyfriend found out haha.

T I P: Eat where you see the Thai eating their food. It is out of this world if you eat in the right places. Oh and only drink bottled water.

Money wise it is cheapish, by cheapish I mean when I first went it was really cheap and now like everything else they are increasing their prices.
So just don’t expect it for nothing, its cheap but not that cheap.



So heres the run down:

Phuket is mental. Crazy Crazy night life, beach parties day and night.
If you want to visit some elephants be sure to go visit them at a elephant sanctuary. There are a few in Phuket. Make sure you do your research before visiting elephants, go to somewhere that they have been rescued, and are now having the best life possible for them. The wee pets.

Phi Phi is just beautiful. Grab a canoe and go explore. It has a feisty enough little nightlife too. Its were you’ll find lads and girls fighting in a ring to win a free bucket, by bucket I mean a sand bucket full of a spirits and mix. Here you can get a little taxi boat out to Maya Bay were the famous film” The Beach” was filmed, along with stopping off at monkey island and whatever other attractions you might want to visit, in and around Phi Phi.

Krabi, meh! its just alright but that’s just my opinion, like i said earlier use it for its airport and if possible go and visit Raily Island.

Koh Samui, we stayed in the most amazing hotel and tipped in the main strip every night. Be sure to visit Arc bar, oh and if you want a night of thai food visit central festival shopping centre and eat in a restaurant called “The Kitchen” its amazing.

Koh Phangan, home of the full moon party. Make sure you pre-book your accommodation and stay on, if not close to, Haad Rin beach, as its a really big island.

Koh Tao, still my absolute favourite nearly 5 years on. No one wears shoes, its just so laid back and stunning, if you’re interested in scuba diving this is the best place to go.

Lastly Bangkok, the most techno city I’ve ever stayed in. Shopping is out of this world, designer heaven. I’ve never stepped into stores of such mass and class. My favourite shopping centre was the Siam Paragon, biggest shopping mall I have ever stepped foot into.
Also make sure to visit Lebua Hotel this is were the Hangover was filmed a beautiful massive big sky bar, looking over the whole of Bangkok.
Here ,males have to wear trousers and you’ll be refused entry if you don’t, but not to worry cause there’s a wee woman out the front- I kid you not- renting trousers for a cost haha.

I would stay on Phi Phi and Phuket an extra night, thats probably the only change I would make to our trip and only one night on Krabi.

Otherwise sit back relax and enjoy Thailands flour like sandy beaches and blue skies, their crazy little tuk tuks, and drinking and night culture that Thailand has to offer.

Folks, thats Thailand in a nutshell for you, I could go on for days explaining and talking more about it, but if you do feel like you want a little but more info please feel free to contact me.

Much Love,
Shauna x




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