My Top 3 products to make them eyes POP

I think the best thing to do when it comes to you, is to find something on your body that you love and make it your focus point.

My favourite part of my body is my eyes. As I write this I’m dying at the thought I’ve just said out loud and public that I love my eyes, like how full of myself.

But for me this year *2018*, I’ve said to myself I’m going to be a nicer person to me, myself and I. Cause there ain’t anyone in this world that can bring you down as much as the girl looking back in the mirror at you.

So yes, I do L O V E my eyes and these are my favourite 3 products:

1) Firstly my holy grail, the one and only beauty product I would take to a deserted island with me and the only mascara I use:

Loreal’s False Lash Telescopic Mascara (shade black)

This, my friends, is the bomb.

This little tube of LIFE checks in at £10.99. You’ll find it at most L’oreal stands. I purchase mine from either a local Boots UK or Superdrug UK.

Now it may take a little while to get used to the brush head but once you do, welcome to the world of voluminous, long-lasting beautiful lashes.

2) Secondly….”Them brows though”

To keep the brows in shape I use either clear mascara or a spoolie brush and hair spray.

I love big fluffy brows and keeping them in place is a must.

The clear mascara brand I use is Collection 2000 I use this on a day to day basis either with or with out makeup and it checks in at £1.99.

I always go with shape of my brow keeping the fronts of them pointed upwards.

However if I’m going on a night out I’ll whip out the big guns to keep them up and at it all night.

Welcome got2b glued hair spray to your family.

Literally just spray your spoolie with this and attack then brows, cause sister they ain’t going nowhere fast where this hairsprays at.

3) Lastly, my daily routine…. “all day er day”

White eyeliner to brighter up even the dullest of eyes. This makes me go from looking half asleep to up and at it in a matter of seconds.

Making the whites of your eye stand out, no matter what eye colour you are. Makes a lovely change from black.

A must try for every girl.

My favourite one is Rimmel London’s soft khol eye pencil shade pure white.

So ladies, that wraps up my favourite 3 products to make my eyes pop.

I hope you enjoy… keep checking my page for more blog posts coming very soon.

Much love,

Shauna x


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