Hey Hey Hey,

My name is Shauna Rafferty I'm a 25 year old Irish girlie, taking every damn day as it comes.

W E L C O M E to my wee site. How exciting. I wanted to create my own little space in the big world wide web to create a fun, interactive and knowledgeable site where you can get to know me and my crazy ass ways.



I L O V E fashion beauty, food and travel so if you've even a slight interest in any of that, then gurl you are in the right place.

I want Funk You Fash to be your place to find out how to keep things plain and simple with a lil bit of funk. Somewhere I can store all my favourites, honest reviews and tricks all in one place for  Y O U.

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Shauna x

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Please feel free to get in contact with me. Whether it's collaborations, PR proposals or simply just a question, I would love to hear from you!